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Terms of Service




Designs will be specific to client desires and needs as agreed upon by individual consultation. Native files/designs will not be released royalty-free to the customer prior to all balances being paid in full. Redline Graphics, LLC reserves the rights to usage of all created designs for marketing, advertising, and all other means, indefinitely and in perpetuity. 


Drafting and mechanical drawing plans will be produced once balance is paid in full as per terms. Residential/Commercial structure construction plans require an engineers stamp. Redline Graphics, LLC is not an engineering firm and does not provide engineering services or plan review. It remains the sole responsibility of the client to obtain the requisite engineering stamp for construction, at the clients sole & separate expense. Corrections to plans as required by engineer or municipal code compliance will be, in typical circumstances, included in the original design agreement. There may arise situations where additional fees will be required for plan alterations/corrections. These cases will be discussed with the client as necessary. Digital files/designs will be released to client royalty-free once balance is paid in full. Digital files, concepts, designs, product samples, etc. will be retained by Redline Graphics, LLC indefinitely and in perpetuity for our use in advertising, marketing, or as otherwise deemed necessary as intellectual concepts/designs/products created by our company.


Production includes screenprinting/embroidery of apparel or other substrates, printing of stationery products, printing of signage or decals, or any other tangible products. Production will begin after final proof approval by customer and invoice paid as per terms. Not responsible for errors, omissions, or typos once production has begun after proof approval. Refunds will be accepted for non-typical defects in product quality or workmanship. Not responsible for customer negligence or damage. Not responsible for any monetary or other perceived or actual loss due to damage or delay in production or delivery, foreseen or unforeseen, expressed or implied. Reimbursement will explicitly entail replacement or refund of product or purchase price. Please contact us for any product issue or to request a refund.


Hacking, phishing, stealing passwords or information, creating fictitious accounts, or otherwise sabotaging, hindering, or corrupting the normal, intended, desired, and commercial use of this website is prohibited. Abuse of this website will result in expulsion from access to any part of this site. Redline Graphics, LLC reserves the right to terminate any access or created account/profile at any time at our sole discretion, with or without notice. All images or items contained in any location of this website including this website in it's entirety, are copyright Redline Graphics, LLC, and may not be copied, downloaded, electronically stored, reproduced, photographed, or plagiarized in any way without written permission. Page backgrounds and other fire service images featured on this website are for the purpose of recognition of our fellow fire service members only. Copyright to these images is retained by the original creator/photographer. The agencies featured in these photos have no affiliation with Redline Graphics, LLC and do not necessarily condone or recognize Redline Graphics, LLC in any way whatsoever. 


All custom uniform apparel, printing, & embroidery are produced to the particular affiliate entity uniform specifications. Any member supplied apparel for printing must comply with their agency uniform specifications on file in order to be printed. Items that are out of compliance will not be printed and will be returned to customer. If a return of any purchased uniform apparel is necessary for any reason, please contact us by email for return instructions. Returns will be accepted for defects in printing/embroidery or uncommon garment defect/failure. Customer supplied apparel will not be warrantied for any garment defect, unless damage was caused by our production processes. Possible damage of customer supplied apparel by our production process will be determined at our sole discretion. Not responsible for errors in typeset or design after proof approval. Not responsible for normal wear and/or customer's laundering habits. Redline Graphics, LLC has no direct access/link with affiliate agency uniform account funding/disbursements. Members will be solely responsible for the remittance of their paid invoice for reimbursement and/or application to their agency accounts according to their agency policies. Invoice must be paid in full prior to order being processed/produced.


Privacy Policy:

All personal information used and/or retained by Redline Graphics, LLC and/or as a result of the use of will be kept in strict confidentiality. We never sell, distribute, or in any other way disseminate personal information entrusted to us by you, to any party for any reason, outside of requisite use by our company.


Return Policy:

Redline Graphics, LLC takes pride in the quality of our designs and workmanship. We go to great lengths and pay close attention to detail to ensure our customers receive an outstanding product. If you are dissatisfied with a service or product, please contact us immediately so we can refund, replace, or remedy the issue satisfactorily. We are not responsible for errors or omissions in product after proof approval. We are not responsible for product damage due to customer negligence. We are not responsible for customer's laundering habits regarding apparel products, and as such, will not warranty any subsequent garment damage. 


Contact Us:

Redline Graphics, LLC

480.332 7062

Queen Creek, AZ

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